Why Do I Weep

Why do I weep? Why do I cry
When I think of my comrades and the way that they died?
How do I erase the horrors of war?
How do I forget what I went through before?

I remember the lad that cried out in pain,
“Mama, dear Mama, please help me again.”
So many of my comrades on the Death March did die.
So tell me please, why shouldn’t I cry?

The number of men buried at O’Donnell per day.
I wept for them then and I still cry today.
There were a lot of heroes in the jungles of Bataan.
They deserve to be remembered and to be mentioned again

‘Cause history doesn’t tell us why we lost so many men.
Please ignore me if I weep.
Please forgive me when I cry.
For I still see all my comrades that in prison camp did die.


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